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Wound, ostomy and foot care

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St. Francis Regional Medical Center's Health Clinic offers expert wound, ostomy and foot care. The Health Clinic is located within the St. Francis Cancer Center.

When you work with one of our specialized nurses for wound, ostomy or foot care, personalized plans are created for each patient and progress is monitored by providers who educate patients and caregivers on treating wounds at home to promote faster healing.

Our providers work to treat the underlying cause of wounds and educate patients and their families to help prevent future wounds.

Services include:

  • Foot and nail care.
  • Topical and complex wound care.
  • Chronic wound management.
  • Wound VAC.
  • Ostomy care and management.
  • Appropriate referral to other specialties such as vascular medicine, podiatry, orthotics and surgery.

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