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Sports medicine

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Whether you are an adult who likes to participate in weekend sports, an avid athlete or student athlete, our St. Francis Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine team has you covered. Our expert providers evaluate and treat most sports injuries, conduct preventive screenings, and offer insight into tools for sports performance enhancement.

Sports injuries

Sports injuries can set you back from your favorite activities and competitions. Furthermore, due to the high-speed nature of most sports injuries, the trauma to muscles, tissues and joints can be severe. Common injuries include ligament sprains, muscle strains and fractures. A care routine developed by our physical therapists can effectively treat your sports injury to get you back to your activities pain-free and safely.

Rehabilitation after surgery or bracing

In severe cases where surgery, bracing or casting is required, our physical therapists can help you fully rehabilitate to your optimum level of performance. They will work closely with your doctor to improve your joint range of motion and strength and create stability around the joint. This is done safely and according to your physician's protocol. Our occupational and physical therapists will evaluate your injury to tailor the treatment plan to your specific sport, style of play and position.

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