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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Health Service

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  • Spiritual Care
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  • Healing Environment
  • Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Spiritual CareSt. Francis cares for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. We offer patients and families spiritual support in coping with the crises of hospitalization, life changes and loss.

    Our care is rooted in our faith heritage and values. Each person is treated as a unique individual of incomparable worth, with the same right to life and to adequate healthcare as all other people. It is our mission to provide the care we would expect for ourselves and our families.

    Our chaplains are professionally trained to care for people from all religions and cultural backgrounds and can help coordinate additional support from clergy and leaders of specific traditions as requested.


    Rev. Dr. Diana Robertson, D.Min., Board-certified Chaplain

  • Spiritual health services offeredWe are available to talk whenever you need us. Ask your nurse to contact us about:

    • Pastoral counseling.
    • Crisis care.
    • Sacramental ministry and communion.
    • Ethical consultation.
    • Health Care Directive consultation.
    • Eucharistic volunteers. Local Catholic parish volunteers offer Holy Communion to all Catholic patients.
  • Spiritual Care Meditation GardenWe aim to create an environment that reduces stress and promotes healing. We try to keep it quiet so you can rest, but if you want to move around, you can take the art walk, head to one of the chapels or walk through one of our gardens with water features. There are many locations you can go:

    • Traditional chapel on the main floor.
    • Multicultural prayer and meditation chapel on the 2nd floor.
    • Meditation garden near the Emergency Department.
    • Atrium garden near the conference center.
    • Legacy Café patio garden.

    Tour our meditation chapels and garden.

  • clinical pastoral educationSt. Francis is a unique learning environment for clinical pastoral education (CPE) interns. We treat each patient as we would our own family.

    An 86-bed hospital, St. Francis is designed as an intentional healing environment where a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere is cultivated to aid in patients' healing and to create a positive work environment for staff.

    The experience of St. Francis CPE interns includes caring for patients in a variety of medical situations. In addition to the hospital, experiences may also include the Shakopee Women's Correctional Facility and St. Gertrude's Health and Rehabilitation Center.

    These are the CPE internships currently offered at St. Francis:

    Level 1 CPE Internships

    1. Extended unit, September through May, 12.5 hours per week.
    2. Spring unit, January through June.


    Rev. Cary Eustis, ACPE Associate Supervisor

    CPE application may be made online through the Allina Health Clinical Pastoral Education Center.

    St. Francis is a site of the Allina Health Clinical Pastoral Education Center, accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

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