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Sleep Diagnostics Center

Sleep Diagnostics Center

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  • A good night's sleep is necessary for good health and optimal body function. Unfortunately, a good night's sleep isn't always easy to come by. One out of three Americans has a sleep disorder—but 95 percent of them still remain undiagnosed and untreated.

    Think you might have a sleep disorder, but unsure of the next steps? A quick visit to your primary care physician can determine if you would benefit from sleep study. Ask your primary care physician for a referral to the St. Francis Sleep Diagnostics Center if you think you may have a sleep disorder. Once referred by a physician, you will receive a call from the Sleep Center to schedule.

    St. Francis' Sleep Center Offers Overnight Stays and Home Sleep Tests

    The St. Francis Sleep Diagnostics Center provides comprehensive clinical evaluation and treatment to people with a variety of sleep disorders. We can diagnose specific conditions that may play a role in your sleep patterns with an overnight study in the Sleep Center, or in some cases with a take-home sleep study, called a Home Sleep Test (HST). If scheduled for an HST, the patient will pick up equipment from our Sleep Center during the day, and learn how to use it at a no-contact appointment. When ready to administer their sleep study, the patient will connect a few patches, a belt and a cannula to wear during the night. When finished, a patient will return their device to the Sleep Center, where it will be interpreted by physician specializing in sleep disorders.

    COVID-19 Safety Precautions: St. Francis facilities have taken multiple precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and patients, including mask and physical distancing requirements, and enhanced cleaning protocols. At the Sleep Center, patients and staff will be masked at all times, with the exception of sleeping patients in their rooms. Rooms, bedding and surfaces are sanitized after each patient and public areas are sanitized frequently. When possible, we can offer a no-contact home sleep study, with pre-arranged pickup, instruction and drop off.

    Some of the conditions commonly diagnosed include:

    • Central sleep apnea/Cheyne-Strokes respiration

    • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

    • Complex sleep disorders

    • Bruxism (grinding of the teeth)

    • Hypersomnia

    • Insomnia

    • Narcolepsy

    • Obstructive sleep apnea

    • Parasomnias (such as sleepwalking)

    • Restless legs syndrome

    Contact Us

    St. Francis Sleep Diagnostics Center

    Phone: 952.428.2800


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  • What Is a Sleep Study?

    happy coupleIf you suspect you have a sleep disorder, your doctor may refer you to the St. Francis Sleep Diagnostics Center for an evaluation and sleep study (also called a polysomnogram). A sleep study is a specialized test that records your body movements, brain waves, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns, muscle tone, heart rhythms, snoring levels and general behavior while you sleep. A sleep study isn't painful, and the sensors shouldn't interfere with your sleep.

    All sleep studies are conducted in a comfortable, private bedroom equipped with a Sleep Number bed, a personal phone and a cable TV. Each room is near a full bathroom with a shower. Each suite provides a hotel-like appeal that includes a quiet atmosphere, pleasant lighting and adjustable temperature to ensure optimal sleeping conditions. While comfortable and clean bedding is provided, you are encouraged to bring along your own pillow and reading materials. Breakfast cereal or a snack is available in the morning, and lunches and snacks are provided as well if you need additional daytime testing.

    Studies are reviewed by one of our two board-certified sleep physicians, doctors Salim Kathawalla, MD, and Keith Harmon, MD.

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  • While most insurance companies provide coverage for the cost of the study and for follow-up and treatment plans, it is always important to check with your insurance provider for exact coverage levels. All sleep studies are billed as outpatient procedures through St. Francis Regional Medical Center.

  • St. Francis Sleep Diagnostics Center is one of the most beautiful and comfortable sleep testing facilities in the Twin Cities area. We are conveniently located at 500 S. Marschall Road, Suite 220, in Shakopee, just 12 blocks north of the St. Francis main campus on the second level of the Old National Bank building (formerly Anchor Bank).

    Sleep Diagnostics Center

    500 S. Marschall Road
    Old National Bank Building
    Suite 220

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