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St. Francis Capable Kids pediatric therapy is excited to offer virtual visits as an ongoing program.

Virtual therapy has proven to be an effective way to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy services over the past year. This service delivery model allows therapists to be in the home with children and their families in order to target specific goals and collaborate on home programs that will fit each child's needs.

One of the many benefits of seeing children virtually is being able to provide services to families who do not live close to our clinics and otherwise would not have access. Virtual visits also eliminate pressure to get to treatment sessions when there is bad weather or illness in the family. It can often be easier to schedule into your busy family lives when travel to the clinic is not a factor. Using virtual visits allows therapists to observe children in their homes as well as encourage greater parent involvement in sessions. Families can more easily carry out therapy recommendations because the therapist is able to show them just how easy it is to practice skills at home.

Research is starting to show and support what we have been seeing during our virtual visis—that children are making as much or more progress with virtual visits than with in-person visits.

The process to access services for your child is the same as in-person visits. We work through insurance, and we can provide these sessions with insurance approval. Sessions are done in real time using one of two video technology platforms. All you need is a device (phone, iPad, laptop or computer) with a microphone and camera, and you will be ready to go!

If you are interested in pursuing this new and exciting opportunity, please contact us for more information to get started.

How to participate in a virtual visit with your child's provider

In order to complete virtual visits with your child's provider, your child will need to be added to a parent's Allina Health (MyChart) account.

To add a child to your account:

  1. Log in to, or create, your personal Allina Health account.
  2. To add a minor to your account, click "+ Add someone (proxy)." This is located under "Welcome to Your Account," next to your name.
  3. After finishing the form, Allina will process your information and contact you to inform you when the minor is added.

If you need help setting up your Allina Health account, please see these frequently asked questions.

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