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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care

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  • Overview
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  • Diabetes overviewWhat happens when the doctor tells you that you have diabetes? Will you have to change your entire life? The diabetes education team at St. Francis can show you how to take control of your diabetes before it takes control of you.

    All services and instruction is provided through referral by your physician. Costs associated with diabetes education are billed to your insurance provider and also may be covered by medical assistance. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.


    The St. Francis Diabetes Support Group meets monthly from September through May. This group provides education and emotional and social support for you and your family members.

    Contact Us

    To contact a St. Francis diabetes educator or dietitian call 952.428.3324.

  • Diabetes getting startedDiabetes can lead to serious complications, such as kidney disease, amputations, blindness and other serious problems. Research has shown that controlling blood sugar levels can reduce the risk of these long-term complications.

    Our American Diabetes Association certified education program offers individual instruction tailored to meet specific needs and a monthly group class series.

    The class series consists of three sessions, after an initial visit with a dietitian and diabetes nurse educator. Group class series are often recommended by your physician. Family members are welcome to attend with you.

  • St. Francis Diabetes Educators

    Diabetes care teamAt St. Francis we believe that you, the patient with diabetes, are the most important part of the team. Our experienced diabetes educators will work with you and your doctor to teach you how to live well with diabetes.

    • Colleen Roethke, BAN, CDE, 952.428.2609
    • Lynelle Aukes, RN, CDE, 952.428.3308

    St. Francis Nutrition Counselors

    Our group of experienced dietitians will work with you to develop an eating plan specific for you that is related to your needs and lifestyle to improve your health.

    • Dee Dee Francis, MS, RD, LD, CDE, 952.428.3394
    • Lynda Schaumburg, RD, LD, 952.428.2604
    • Michelle Mattison, RD, CDE, 952.428.3391
    • Debi Garzon, RD, LD, 952.428.2604
  • Meal Planning

    Diabetes servicesThis is the foundation of diabetes management. You will receive individual, personalized instructions tailored to meet your lifestyle. Meal planning is taught in greater detail during the group class series.

    Blood Glucose Monitoring

    We will show you the current equipment available to monitor your blood sugar at home and on the go, and we’ll help you get started with the monitoring system of your choice. Insulin pump therapy education is also offered with initiation and follow-up as needed.

    Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes

    Individualized or small-class instruction sessions by a diabetes nurse educator and diabetes dietitian cover blood glucose and ketone monitoring, exercise, and meal planning. Follow-up is provided as often as needed throughout your pregnancy to help you control your blood sugars until the birth of your baby.