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Prior to Your Appointment

Please complete the appropriate pre-evaluation packet listed below. We will call to schedule an appointment once we have received the pre-evaluation packet and your child has come to the top of the waitlist. Feel free to call us with any questions.

For a speech therapy or stuttering evaluation, please fill out the above general pre-evaluation packet as well as the appropriate speech or stuttering supplemental packet below.

For an occupational therapy appointment, please fill out the following form in addition to the General PT/OT/Speech pre-evaluation packet.

For an appointment relating to a feeding issue, please print and fill out the following form.

It is important to understand your insurance benefits prior to coming in for a scheduled appointment. Please use our suggested questions to understand your coverage for your child's therapy.

Your Appointment

When you come to your initial appointment, please bring:

  • Current medical records or reports. (We can make copies if needed.)
  • Medical insurance card.
  • A physician/doctor order, if you have one.
  • Any special equipment your child uses.
  • If you are having a feeding evaluation: utensils, pacifiers, foods/liquids your child will eat/drink. For children 1 year and older, please also bring some non-preferred foods as instructed by the therapist who completes your intake phone call.

What to Expect
The initial appointment will be approximately 1 hour long. We will have some forms for you to review and complete and will take a copy of your insurance card prior to the appointment. Typically, the therapist will spend the first part of the evaluation reviewing the previously provided information and asking questions as needed. Usually the second part of the appointment is spent directly with your child. Sometimes the therapist will spend time observing you with your child or ask you to complete certain activities with your child. Before you leave the appointment, the therapist will review their general impressions and recommendations with you, and a detailed written report will follow.

Scheduling Treatment
If the therapist has recommended services for your child, a standing appointment will be scheduled. Some children come weekly while others come on an as-needed basis. Appointment times are set aside for your child until treatment is not needed or the schedule changes, whichever comes first. Capable Kids changes the schedule twice a year; once for the summer and once in the fall for the school year.

Referrals for Physicians

Please print and complete our physician orders to refer a patient to our clinic.

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