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Lung Cancer Resources

Welcome to St. Francis Cancer Center Rhythm on the Rails Information Page!

St. Francis Partners with the Community on Lung Cancer Prevention at Rhythm on the Rails

Did you know Lung Cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in our community? If you attended the St. Francis booth at Rhythm on the Rails and are looking for more information on Lung Cancer Prevention, CT Screening for Lung Cancer, Vaping and General Cancer Prevention hints, we have put together trustworthy resources to provide you with education on what you can do to decrease your risk!

Please click on the links below to learn more about the topics you are interested in:

What can you do to help reduce your risk of developing Lung Cancer?

Lung Cancer Risk Factors

Lung Cancer Causes

Lung Cancer Prevention Tips

Did you know there is a screening test available to help detect Lung Cancer early, when it is most treatable?

Low Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer Eligibility

New alternatives to cigarettes are out there, but do you know how they can affect your health?

What to Know About Vaping / E-Cigarettes

How can you improve your health and reduce your risk of developing cancer during your lifetime?

General Cancer Prevention Health Hints

6 Ways to Avoid Cancer

We are glad you are interested in learning more about how to improve your health and reduce the risk of Lung and other Cancers!

If you have questions about your personal risk of cancer, we encourage you to talk to your Primary Care Provider about specific ways you can reduce your risk!