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Support and education

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Education about your cancer diagnosis and treatment options is important for your recovery. Our patients deserve to be full partners in their own healthcare. Not only does it empower the patient, but it also allows care to be delivered more effectively and efficiently.

Chemotherapy education classes for patients and families

The Cancer Center care team provides up-to-date information for St. Francis patients and their families in free, one-hour classes. During this class, you will learn about chemotherapy treatment, what to expect, side effects and other important topics. Family members and loved ones are encouraged to attend as well to better understand what their loved one is experiencing and how they can best provide support.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, to keep you safe we are offering this free class via video.

Community education

Every year, more than 29,000 cancers related to the human papilloma virus (HPV) could be prevented by the HPV vaccine. Receiving the Gardasil vaccine between the ages of 9 and 12 can offer almost 100% protection from six types of HPV-related cancer. What many may not know is that doctors recommend both boys and girls receive the vaccine, as the benefits experienced by both genders contribute to creating a generation with far fewer HPV-related cancers.

To provide education to our community, Nancy O'Connor, MD, a family physician from Allina Health, virtually presented a free HPV cancer prevention in August 2020. View a recorded version of the presentation. Both parents and teens are encouraged to watch to create an open dialogue around HPV cancer prevention.

Licensed social workers

Onsite social workers assess psycho-social needs and provide education, support and referrals. Understanding available resources during treatment allows patients to focus on their care needs. Our social workers also assists patients and their families in finding help with financial and disability needs.

Nutrition counseling and education

Our registered dietitians are uniquely trained to assist you in achieving your nutrition and lifestyle goals. They provide guidance on nutrition plans for chronic diseases and healthy living, and they can also help you identify and work through barriers to your success. Nutrition care is available with a referral from your primary provider. Learn more about nutrition counseling and education.

Oncology nurse navigator

A dedicated nurse helps patients and families navigate through diagnoses and treatments, with education and support to help them better understand their treatment options.

Palliative care

Palliative Care uses a team approach to improve quality of life by providing pain and symptom management, facilitating communication, assisting with decision making and coordinating care and services available to support the patient within the community.

Support groups

A variety of support groups are available for cancer patients and their family members. These groups provide a caring and supportive environment in which patients and their families can share and discuss their feelings with other people in similar situations.

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