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Cancer Care

Cancer Care

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  • Overview
  • How We Care for You
  • Treatment & Options
  • Support & Education
  • At St. Francis, patients with cancer have access to leading technology and treatments. Our cancer team is equipped to treat all forms of cancer, including complex, advanced and geriatric cases. Our collaboration with Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, PA, which is located on-site, brings specially trained staff and cutting-edge treatment right here, close to home.

    The St. Francis Cancer Center is a Commission on Cancer (CoC) accredited program.

    Contact the St. Francis Cancer Center

    For appointments and general information call 952.428.2031.

    For information about participating in a clinical trial call 952.428.4131.

    1475 St. Francis Ave.
    Shakopee, MN 55379
    (attached to St. Francis Regional Medical Center, near the Emergency Department entrance)

    For directions to the St. Francis Cancer Center, click here.

  • Cancer care how we careOur oncology team identifies personalized treatment and tools for each patient. Patients are able to consult with a multi-specialty team of support services and caregivers.

    Licensed Social Worker
    Our social worker assesses psycho-social needs and provides education, support and referrals. Understanding available resources during treatment allows patients to focus on their care needs. Our social worker also assists patients and their families in finding help with financial and disability needs.

    Care Coordinator
    Our cancer care coordinator helps patients and families navigate through diagnoses and treatments. Education and support helps them better understand their treatment options.

    Integrative Care
    Our highly esteemed integrative care providers come with a wide variety and array of tools and options to assist patients in the healing processes. Some infusion therapies may cause side effects that are unpleasant and taxing on the body. Integrative care therapies such as acupuncture, massage, acupressure, guided imagery, energy work, aromatherapy and art therapy, offer patients a way to find strength within themselves and help heal the body holistically.

    Pain Management
    St. Francis partners with primary care physicians and other pain specialists to offer comprehensive pain relief. Cancer rehabilitative therapies are available by referral to manage acute and chronic cancer-related pain.

    Nutrition Consults

    Cancer Research

    Lymphedema Treatment and Management

    IV Therapy
    St. Francis Infusion Center also provides infusion therapy for non-oncology related diagnosis.

    • Immune therapy

    • Injections

    • Electrolyte replacements

    • Other specialty infusion drugs, IV antibiotics

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  • Breast Care

    Cancer care treatmentSt. Francis offers screening, diagnosis, education, support and treatment for women with breast cancer and other breast-related problems. We coordinate our services with emphasis on patient education and decision-making assistance. Our specialists have expertise in lumpectomy, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal and biological therapies and other treatments.

    Radiation Oncology in Collaboration with Minneapolis Radiation Oncology (MRO)

    Radiation therapy is a form of cancer treatment that uses strong beams of energy to kill cancer cells or keep them from growing and dividing. Sophisticated equipment and techniques treat even the rarest types of cancer, relieve adverse symptoms and improve quality of life. The technology used for radiation treatment delivers higher doses of radiation to a smaller treatment target. The result is more precise treatment delivery and minimal side effects.

    Chemotherapy, Transfusion and IV Support

    Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment used to describe drugs that kill cancer cells directly. Therapy can be administered intravenously, by mouth, or by other methods.


    Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer. A strong, healthy immune system defends the body against infection, helps it recognize and kill cells that have become cancerous, and generally keeps the body in good condition.

    Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

    • Digital mammography

    • Ultrasound

    • Stereotactic biopsy

    • PET/CT scans

    • MRI scans

    • Nuclear medicine

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  • CancercaresupportEducation about your cancer diagnosis and treatment options is important for your recovery. Our patients deserve to be full partners in their own healthcare. Not only does it empower the patient, but it also allows care to be delivered more effectively and efficiently.

    Chemotherapy Education Classes for Patients and Families

    The Cancer Center care team provides up-to-date information for St. Francis patients and their families in these free, 1-hour classes. During this class, you will learn about chemotherapy treatment, what to expect, side effects and other important topics. Family members and loved ones are encouraged to attend as well to better understand what their loved one is experiencing and how they can best provide support.

    Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions to keep you safe, we are offering this free class via video by clicking on this link: Cancer Center Guide Patient Education Video

    Clinical Research

    The St. Francis Cancer Center works closely with other leaders in the Twin Cities to give residents in our community access to the newest therapy available for cancer treatment, symptom management and cancer prevention. As members of a nonprofit research program sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the St. Francis Cancer Center offers patients access to clinical trials that includes most cancer types. Our nurse research coordinator reviews all new and recurrent cancer patients for eligibility in clinical trials.

    Support Groups

    A variety of support groups are available for cancer patients and their family members. These groups provide a caring and supportive environment in which patients and their families can share and discuss their feelings with other people in similar situations.

    Community Education

    Every year, more than 29,000 cancers related to the human papilloma virus (HPV) could be prevented by the HPV vaccine. Receiving the GARDASIL vaccine between the ages of nine and 12 can offer almost 100% protection from six types of HPV-related cancer. What many may not know is that doctors recommend both boys AND girls receive the vaccine, as the benefits experienced by both genders contribute to creating a generation with far fewer HPV-related cancers.

    To provide education to our community, Nancy O'Connor, MD, a family physician from Allina Health, virtually presented a free HPV cancer prevention in August 2020. A recorded version of the presentation can be found here. Both parents and teens are encouraged to watch, to create an open dialogue around HPV cancer prevention.

    Contact the St. Francis Cancer Center

    1475 St. Francis Ave.
    Shakopee, MN 55379
    (attached to St. Francis Regional Medical Center, near the Emergency Department entrance)

    For appointments and general information call 952.428.2031.

    For information about participating in a clinical trial call 952.428.4131.

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