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Birthing Services

Birthing Services

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    COVID-19: Family Birth Place Visitor Restrictions and Updates

    CURRENT STATUS: Yellow (for labor and delivery, and newborns)

    One support person is allowed. This includes triage, labor, delivery and post-partum areas. In addition to one support person, a certified doula will be allowed for support only during labor and delivery. Learn more about the birth center support person guidelines.

    Newborns: No visitors other than two parents, guardians, primary caretakers, or intended parents in surrogate birth. Exceptions will be considered for compassionate care.

    Please note: St. Francis does not routinely separate families from their newborns due to positive or pending COVID-19 test results. While you are with us at the St. Francis Family Birth Place, we continue to encourage you to “room-in” with your baby. Rooming-in keeps your baby where he or she feels safest, which is with you. When babies room-in, benefits include better feeding, less crying and less weight loss.

    St. Francis Family Birth Place

    The St. Francis Family Birth Place is home to experienced labor and delivery providers from both Allina Health and Park Nicollet. Resources from both leading health systems support safe, high-quality and compassionate care. We're located close to home in the suburbs, but we offer many of the services you'd expect at a hospital in the city, including a water birth suite, integrative therapies such as aromatherapy and access to a lactation consultant.

    Our patients tell us that we go above and beyond expectations and that they would recommend us. In fact, St. Francis' Family Birth Place patients consistently rate their experience higher than patients at other Twin Cities metro area birth centers.

    At St. Francis, you can choose a Park Nicollet or Allina physician, or a certified nurse midwife, for your pregnancy care and delivery.

    To learn more about our care team, visit the Providers tab, or use these links to help your search:

    Contact Us

    You can call the Family Birth Place at 952.428.2062.


    We are happy to provide a variety of amenities to help you and your family enjoy your stay:

    • Free parking and Wi-Fi

    • Private, spacious suites that are comfortable and up-to-date

    • Integrative therapies: acupuncture, guided imagery and aromatherapy

    • Immediate skin-to-skin bonding with your baby after a C-section or vaginal birth, medically permitting

    • Birth aids such as labor balls, peanut balls and rebozos

    • 24/7 availability of epidurals

    • Large private suites with pull-out beds for partners

    • Dimming lights, electric candles and CD players

    • Accommodation to those wanting vaginal birth after previously having a C-section (VBAC)

    • Award-winning lactation consultants

    • Large flat-screen TVs in every room

    • Extra outlets for cellphones and other devices

    • Doula-friendly facilities

    • Low rate for unplanned C-sections

    • Little Saints newborn photography

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  • The experienced providers at the St. Francis Family Birth Place respect your delivery choices and traditions, and take pride in helping you welcome your new baby according to your wishes.

    At St. Francis, our our expert physicians, nurses and certified nurse midwives have a low rate for unplanned cesarean sections, and are specifically trained and prepared to handle complications, should they arise. Nurses at the Family Birth Place receive special training to learn labor comfort and pain management techniques such as position changes, using laboring tools and breathing techniques.

    When delivering at the Family Birth Place, you can choose which Park Nicollet or Allina physician or certified nurse midwife you would like to partner with for your pregnancy care and delivery. Use these links to help your search:

    In addition to our skilled labor and delivery providers, a neonatal nurse practitioner from Children's Minnesota is on the birthing floor 24/7 and can attend any birth with the skills to care for premature or critically-ill infants following birth. If needed, we have a level-2 special care nursery with expert nurses, as well as direct transfer to a higher-level neonatal intensive care unit at Children's Minnesota.

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  • Breastfeeding consultationWe promote breastfeeding as the optimal method for feeding infants, but we honor the mother's choice.

    Your nurse will help you breastfeed as soon as possible after delivery. The first hour after delivery belongs to you and your baby. Take this opportunity to learn your baby's early feeding cues and breastfeed on demand, or attempt to breastfeed every two to three hours.

    Ask for lactation help as needed - our lactation educators are here to help you have the best experience possible breastfeeding! We have received the International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) Award for excellence in lactation care and promoting and supporting breastfeeding.

    Below are a number of helpful resources:

    Contact Us

    To learn more, or to schedule an outpatient appointment with a lactation consultant, call 952.428.2064.

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  • For infants who require an increased level of care, the St. Francis Family Birth Place offers a Level 2 Special Care Nursery.

    Infants who arrive prematurely (4-8 weeks before their due date), babies who need treatment for infections, or require extra care and monitoring as they adjust to life outside their mother’s womb may be admitted to the Special Care Nursery.

    Babies in our Special Care Nursery are cared for by a team of providers that includes a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP), pediatrician or neonatologist, and nurses with specialized training in caring for ill or premature infants. Our NNPs are onsite 24-hours a day. These advanced practitioners are affiliated with Children's Minnesota and work in tandem with the Children’s Neonatology group.

    For babies who need the highest level of care, our staff will help stabilize and will arrange a direct transfer to Children's Minnesota's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

    St. Francis Family Birth Place is committed to keeping parents near their infants when possible. We may be able to provide a private boarding room in the hospital so parents can be near their infant to bond, feed and help with care until the baby is ready to go home.

    Contact Us

    For more information about our level-2 special care nursery, call 952.428.2062.

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  • Choose a link below to learn about the different stages of childbirth:

    St. Francis Family Birth Place Tours

    *PLEASE NOTE: To minimize the possible risk due to COVID-19, Family Birth Place tours are suspended until further notice. Please utilize our online Family Birth Place tour here. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Tours of the St. Francis Family Birth Place are coordinated through the Allina Health class registration site. Click here for more information and to schedule a tour.

    Please note, additional Family Birth Place tour dates may be available but not shown on the website. Please call Allina class registration at 1-866-904-9962 if you are interested in a different date.

    Prenatal, Birth and Parenting Education

    Allina Health, Park Nicollet and St. Francis Regional Medical Center partner with Amma Parenting Center to offer pregnancy, parenting and newborn care classes to help you prepare for childbirth and healthy child development.

    Visit Amma Parenting Center's website for classes, descriptions, dates/times, locations, fees and registration. Allina Health and Park Nicollet patients can take a class at any Amma location.

    In addition, Allina Health offers a library of educational videos for before and after the birth of your baby, available here.

    Prenatal Mobile Apps

    Click here to learn about Allina Health's free mobile app, Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond.

    Click here to learn about Park Nicollet's free mobile app, Caring for Mom & Baby.

    Contact Us

    Family Birth Place: 952.428.2062

    Breastfeeding Support Center outpatient services: 952.428.2064

    Physician and clinic information: 952.428.2000