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Billing information

When you receive care at St. Francis Regional Medical Center, you have access to a multitude of professionals, sometimes from various health systems or provider groups. This means you may receive multiple bills from different organizations after a stay. These bills are usually for services done at the hospital by different medical professionals.

For example, if you received anesthesia during your hospital stay, you may receive a bill from the anesthesiologist and a bill for your hospital care, or if you were seen in the Emergency Department and had various tests or labs, you may receive bills for labs separate from your Emergency Department bill.

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If you have questions about a specific bill, please call the phone number listed on that bill.

Visit the Allina Health website to obtain information on price estimates, itemized bills and MedCredit accounts.

To contact the St. Francis Regional Medical Center billing department, call 612.262.9000 or 800.859.5077, or visit the Allina Health website.

For billing concerns for the St. Francis Emergency Department or St. Francis campus Urgent Care, please call 866.553.9920.

For billing concerns for Southbridge Urgent Care, please call 612.262.9000.

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Financial assistance

St. Francis employs three financial counselors to help patients find a government program or other payment options to help them meet their medical costs in light of difficult financial situations. For additional information about financial assistance from Allina Health, visit the Allina Health website.

Any patient who has been, or is going to be a patient, at St. Francis can call for information, applications and assistance with these programs. If an interpreter is needed, that can be easily arranged.

There are several types of medical assistance. The best option for eligible uninsured patients is government-funded medical assistance. If a patient is not eligible for these programs, St. Francis offers its own Community Care Program. The Community Care Program assists patients who do not qualify for medical assistance (Medicaid) and whose annual incomes are at or below 275% of the federal poverty level. The Community Care Program may also be beneficial to patients who have health insurance but are not able to afford what their insurance does not cover.

Providing convenient access to necessary medical care regardless of the patient's ability to pay is important to St. Francis and its mission.

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