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Post-stroke acupuncture care at St. Francis provides a multi-level healing journey
Healing & Treatments Nov 15, 2021

Post-stroke acupuncture care at St. Francis provides a multi-level healing journey

After experiencing a stroke affecting her right side in December 2019, Waconia resident Debbie Z. began her healing journey through rehabilitation and occupational therapy. To build upon her recovery efforts, she decided to add acupuncture to her care routine.

Debbie began post-stroke acupuncture visits with Kristianne Schultz, licensed acupuncturist and doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioner at St. Francis Regional Medical Center, in early 2020. Using general acupuncture techniques and a special acupuncture technique called Xing Nao Kai Qiao, Kristianne began to treat Debbie’s symptoms once a week.

Safe care at St. Francis
Health & Wellness Jun 11, 2020

Safe care at St. Francis

With the COVID-19 pandemic extending through 2020, we're committed to caring for our community. St. Francis has taken multiple precautions to ensure your safety, while providing you with quality care, close to home. Read more to learn how St. Francis is keeping you safe in our facilities.

how to help
In the Community Apr 22, 2020

How can I help St. Francis?

Thank you for your interest in helping St. Francis Regional Medical Center and our staff during this time. St. Francis is calling on community members and businesses for donations of various items to help meet ongoing health care needs and conserve existing personal protective equipment (PPE) for providers who are engaged in the coronavirus response. We’re also calling on our community members to help slow the spread of COVID-19, show their support to our staff with notes and social media, contribute to the Caring for Caregivers fund and donate blood for the metro area blood banks, among other things. Read more for details on how you can help!

Health & Wellness Apr 03, 2020

Tips to keep you and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Feeling sick and not sure what to do next? Jan Ruhland, St. Francis infection prevention lead and registered nurse shares helpful tips to keep you and your family safe!

Home Isolation
Healing & Treatments Mar 30, 2020

What exactly does it mean to practice "home isolation" during the COVID-19 pandemic?

"I imagine many people in our community are in this situation right now," says Monte Johnson, MD, vice president of medical affairs at St. Francis Regional Medical Center. "They're not feeling well, maybe they're concerned it's COVID-19. They talk to the doctor only to find out that they can't be tested for the coronavirus, so they're thinking, 'Now what?'"