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A Walk with a Friend and Stage 4 Cancer

June 26, 2017
A Walk with a Friend and Stage 4 Cancer

St. Francis makes it our number one priority to provide the highest quality care and healing experience that we would expect for ourselves and our families. Often we receive letters from patients, family members or friends reminding us that we have hit the mark. Recently, we received a letter from Julie Sullivan who lives in our community. She wrote a very heartwarming letter about her best friend, Chris, who is undergoing stage 4 lung and brain cancer.

"I am writing to tell you how very much I appreciate your cancer center. The first time I walked into your cancer center, I was impressed with the quality of people you have working there," Julie stated. Julie also wanted to give recognition to our medical director in the cancer center, Dr. Ayse Malcolm. "Even though Chris' future is uncertain, Dr. Malcolm is uplifting in her thoughts and beliefs, she encourages Chris to not let cancer define her life, to live everyday to its fullest and reassures Chris that she will do whatever is possible to guide and help Chris in her journey."

Julie called out the staff in integrative care, especially Kristianne and Peggy, for their important work in helping her friend cope with the symptoms and side effects of her cancer treatment. There was praise to other cancer center staff and the services provided. "All the women who administer the drugs in the cancer center are also amazing. The professionalism, care and personal connections are beyond what I expected. Even though they have to ask Chris her name and birthday every time they administer a drug, Chris is never treated as just another number or account. All your staff treat the patients with dignity, respect and compassion. Thank you for all you are doing for Chris. Best regards, Julie Sullivan."

Thank you, Julie, for reaching out to us and sharing your friend Chris's experience with our cancer center from your loving eyes. By offering encouragement, support and being with your friend during her cancer center treatments, you are making a lasting difference to a friend living with cancer.

Learn more about the St. Francis Cancer Center and check out the video below about our cancer center care, treatment and education.