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Integrative Therapies Relieve Pain and Anxiety, Aid Healing

Author: Kristianne Schultz

June 14, 2017
Integrative Therapies Relieve Pain and Anxiety, Aid Healing

During a hospital stay or same day procedure, you can benefit from advanced medical treatments and the highest level of professional care. But even with the best care, you might experience pain, anxiety, and nausea that make it hard to rest and heal. St. Francis Regional Medical Center offers integrative therapies — massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, guided imagery, healing touch relaxation techniques, and more — to hospital patients.

About Integrative Therapy

Professionals who practice integrative medicine blend therapeutic techniques with mainstream methods of treatment. Integrative therapy is not intended to replace conventional treatment. Instead, these techniques are used together with conventional treatment to promote wellness and help relieve discomfort. The integrative health approach is proven to help with healing and recovery. It also promises to be a powerful way to support overall health and prevent illness — without additional medicines or invasive procedures.

First-Hand Observations

These techniques have been shown to reduce pain and nausea, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, enhance healing — and even shorten your hospital stay. Complementary therapies are also used in our cancer center to managing cancer symptoms. The nurses assess patient needs and suggest integrative therapies that may offer comfort. Our medical team is seeing the benefits to patients. They're more relaxed and have less anxiety and pain. And when nurses are providing the therapy, they say they feel more grounded and are better able to care for patients. St. Francis' Integrative Therapy Program, a partnership with the Penny George™ Institute for Health and Healing, teaches nurses how to use integrative therapy to help patients with healing and recovery. St. Francis' inpatient Integrative Therapy Program is funded by the Saints Healthcare Funds, thus there is no cost to patients.

Outpatient Integrative Therapy Clinic

St. Francis also has an outpatient integrative therapy clinic on the hospital campus. Acupuncture and therapeutic massage are available at the outpatient clinic at a fee for service. Some insurance companies are contributing towards these services so check with your insurance company. Appointments can be made by calling the St. Francis Health Clinic at 952.428.3690.

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