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Online Check-in: Trade the waiting room for the comfort of home

Author: Michael Morris

August 08, 2017
Online Check-in: Trade the waiting room for the comfort of home

Imagine being at work as you start to feel like you're coming down with something. You know you've got to visit the urgent care, but taking the day off only to sit in a waiting room with sicker patients is out of the question.

Now, with St. Francis Regional Medical Center's new Online Check-in to the emergency room and urgent care, you can schedule your visit online and do your waiting elsewhere, such as at your home or while you finish up at the office.

St. Francis is the first hospital in Minnesota to launch an online check-in system for urgent care and ER patients in an effort to reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction.

The online check-in system at St. Francis gives patients with non-life-threatening illness or injury, control over their emergency room or urgent care visit by allowing them to remotely hold their place in line. A quick visit to, makes it easy to select the best location and time that fits their schedule. Once a time and location are selected, patients fill out a simple and secure online form that does not require a username or password to access. Once the form is submitted, patients can trade the waiting room for the comfort of their own home. As their reservation time approaches, optional text messages are sent to keep patients in the loop.

Upon arrival, patients who use the online check-in service will be seen within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. However, the ER and urgent care staff must treat patients based on the severity of their illness or injury so in some cases, this time may be delayed.

Check in now or learn more about Online Check-in here

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