Breastfeeding Overview

St. Francis Regional Medical Center promotes breastfeeding as the optimal method for feeding infants. The goal is to educate and support all families who elect to breastfeed so that they will have a successful and satisfying breastfeeding experience.

In the Hospital

Your delivery staff nurse will help you breastfeed as soon as possible after delivery. They will help you protect your privacy. The first hour after delivery belongs to you and your baby. You can “room in” with your baby, which means keeping the baby close to you in your hospital room. Take this opportunity to learn your baby’s early feeding cues. Breastfeed on demand or at least attempt every two to three hours.

Ask for lactation help as needed. St. Francis has a team of lactation educators to help new moms with breastfeeding. Immediate assistance as soon as you feel you need help increases the likelihood of successful breastfeeding

First Two to Three Weeks at Home

Enjoy your new baby. Take time getting settled in to your new role as a parent. Rest when possible. Take a break from social activities. Ask for help with errands and household chores. Keep in touch with your breastfeeding support person.

If needed, you can call the Breastfeeding Support Center at St. Francis at 952.428.2064 or 952.428.2423. You can also call your health care provider’s clinic with concerns.

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