Family Birth Place provides the following amenities to families who choose to deliver with us.

  • The expertise of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics; 24/7 telemedicine, neonatal nurse practitioners at every birth; neonatalogists from Children’s on-site every day.
  • Private spacious suites, up-to-date and comfortable.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Free parking.
  • Comfortable overnight chairs that lay flat.
  • Security doors to protect you and your baby's safety.
  • A lactation consultant.
  • A breastfeeding store with pumps and everything else you’ll need.
  • A staff with more than 1,000 years experience.
  • Unlimited visiting hours.
  • Large flat-screen TVs in every room.
  • Extra outlets for cell phones and iPods.
  • Integrative therapies.
  • Doula-friendly care/deliveries..
  • Low unplanned c-section rate.
  • VBAC friendly.
  • Video interpreters.
  • Low nurse to patient ratio.
  • Restaurant-style ordering.
  • Postnatal massage and pampering from Bavia/Massage.
  • Quality photos of your newborn from First Day Photo.

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