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Services Diabetes Educators/Nutrition Counselors

Diabetes Educators

At St. Francis we believe that you, the patient with diabetes, are the most important part of the team. Our experienced diabetes educators will work with you and your doctor to teach you how to live well with diabetes.

Diabetes can lead to serious complications such as kidney disease, amputations, blindness and other serious problems. Research has shown that controlling blood sugar levels can reduce the risk of these long-term complications.

Our staff of registered nurses and dietitians will help you learn to control your diabetes through healthy eating, exercising and blood sugar monitoring. We offer one-on-one counseling, group diabetes classes and a diabetes support group.

Nutrition Counselors

Our group of experienced dietitians will work with you to develop an eating plan specific for you that is related to your needs and lifestyle to improve your health.

Our dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy for inpatients. Medical nutrition therapy includes nutrition assessment and development and implementation of an individualized nutrition therapy. The goal of medical nutrition therapy is to reduce and prevent further complications from chronic diseases.

Some nutrition consultation topics include diabetes, gestational diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular health, renal disease, gluten intolerance and food allergies.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment with a dietitian or for information about classes or the support group, call 952.428.3324.

St. Francis Dietitians

Dee Dee Francis, MS, RD, LD, CDE


Lynda Schaumburg, RD LD


Michelle Doepke, RD LD


Denise Reiners, RD LD


St. Francis Diabetes Educators

Colleen Roethke, BAN, CDE


Lynelle Aukes, RN, CDE


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