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Occupational Therapy

Our Therapy Services

Our team is ready to help you address your questions, and your child's needs using our combined experience and specialized services. Our office staff is ready to greet you and assist you with any questions you have about receiving services at Capable Kids. They can also assist with questions for your insurance providers regarding therapy services.

Our Therapy Team

We have several experienced clinicians in the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy ready to help meet your family's therapy needs.

We serve the southwest metro in these three areas, providing personalized, effective treatment. We believe that you are the expert on your child and their needs, and we will work with you to address your concerns.

Our clients range in age from newborns to 24 years old, and we have experience with many types of diagnoses and related difficulties including:

  • Plagiocephaly.
  • Torticollis.
  • Birth injuries (including brachial plexus injuries).
  • Feeding difficulties (failure to thrive, difficulty nursing/bottling, picky eaters or difficulty chewing and swallowing).
  • Developmental delays (motor, language or speech).
  • Physical impairments (cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida).
  • Orthopedic injuries.
  • Cognitive impairments.
  • Congenital syndromes.
  • Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Sensory processing dysfunction.
  • Attention deficit disorders.

Our referral process can be started with an initial phone or in-person contact with you. We then require a signed paper order from your child's physician.

»» Physicians: Download an order form for one of your patients.

»» Learn more about appointments with Capable Kids.

Occupational Therapy

Our team of occupational therapists work to offer comprehensive occupational therapy services for your child. We offer help in a variety of areas including: Sensory integration dysfunction, difficulty with eating, handwriting, self-help skills, postural control and body awareness.

We are pleased to offer a variety of specialized programs in these areas as well. We also assist with the selection and use of a variety of equipment for your child's daily cares and participation in home programming.

Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

Our team of physical therapists is focused on achieving optimal physical performance to help your child participate in daily activities. Our infant program includes helping each child achieve their gross motor milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking and other aspects.

We specialize in services for infants who have plagiocephaly and torticollis. For older children we can address physical disabilities, issues with strength, coordination, balance and physical endurance. We also offer assistance in the selection and use of adaptive equipment as part of your child's mobility and home programming needs.

Speech TherapySpeech Therapy

Our team of speech language pathologists at Capable Kids focus on assisting children with learning how to communicate. We provide help in a wide array of different areas such as: Alternative/augmentative access to communication, articulation, oral motor skills, language comprehension and production, fluency, voice, social language and behavioral development, abstract language and problem solving.

There are also specialized programs available to help meet your childs needs including a social group and Hanen parent education and intervention program. We also offer comprehensive video fluoroscopic swallow studies that can be completed at St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee.

Contact Us

For further information or to schedule an appointment with St. Francis Capable Kids, call:

Chaska Community Center

1661 Park Ridge Dr.

Chaska, MN 55318

Phone: 952.428.1265

Fax: 952.428.1266

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Savage Medical Building

(At County Roads 42 and 27)

6350 143rd St., Suite 204

Savage, MN 55372

Phone: 952.428.1565

Fax: 952.428.1566

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Online mapping may give incorrect directions. Please take County Rd 42 to Toledo Ave. Take a right onto Toledo Ave and another right into the clinic parking lot.

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