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Special Programs

Capable Kids is proud to offer a variety of special programs designed to meet the needs of our clients. Our therapists have advanced training in these areas to provide the best children's therapy services available.

Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk and More Than Words Programs

It Takes Two to Talk is a family focused Hanen early intervention program for children with language delays. It Takes Two to Talk recongnizes:

  • The importance of involving parents in their child's early language intervention.
  • The need to help children and families as early as possible.

This popular program was developed by The Hanen Centre and is recognized around the world for its research into how parents communicate with their children and how the communication skills of children with language delays can improved with their parent's help.

It Takes Two to Talk is led by a Hanen certified speech-language pathologist who has received specialized training through The Hanen Centre. Some of the basic components include:

  • Let your child lead, observe, wait and listen.
  • Take turns to keep the interaction going.
  • Follow your child's lead.
  • Add language to the interaction.

Fitness and Strength Training for Kids (FAST)

FAST is a unique fitness program for kids. FAST provides children with a structured individualized exercise program with emphasis on techniques and form. The group is run by a physical therapist and additional staff as needed for group size. The program is carried out in a group setting with peers.

The exercise sessions involve several components of fitness including strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. the equipment used in the program is specifically designed for children. The FAST program is for children ages 6 to 14 who have a personal interest in improving their fitness level. Parent involvement is critical to the child's success in this program. The FAST program runs for six weeks during the summer.

Sensory RASErs: Regulation and Sensory Exploration

Sensory RASErs is a specialized six week group that was designed by Capable Kids occupational therapists to facilitate sensory modulation in children while integrating peer interactions. If your child is struggling with controlling his/her frustration tolerance, becomes overwhelmed by noises or stimulating environments, seeks movement constantly, demonstrates inattentiveness and difficulty with new tasks, and has difficulty keeping his/her hands to his/herself this program may be able to help.

The program is designed to educate children and parents on utilizing sensory regulation strategies at home. During this 6 week course you and your child will learn:

  • How to recognize how the child's body responds to different situations.
  • How to communicate the child's regulation needs or level to caregivers.
  • What the child can do to regulate their body.

Using a car engine analogy, we will help you and your child learn tools to help manage these responses. Parent education will reflect on what sensory issues are and how to build a sensory diet at home.

Kid Connections: Social Group

Kid Connections gives your child an opportunity to meet other children and expand the child's social skills. The curriculum was developed by Capable Kids speech language pathologists. The 6 to 8 week sessions include home exercises, newsletters, worksheets, prizes, games, snacks and more while giving your child practice using social skills. Groups consist of 8 or less participants and are organized by age and skill level. The group is facilitated by speech language pathologists and support staff as needed.

Getting It Write: Handwriting Program

This six week, specialized handwriting program is designed for children experincing difficulties such as avoiding writing tasks, inability to finish homework due to the amount of writing involved, receiving poor grades because the teacher cannot read their writing, constantly having to redo papers due to poor legibility, and tiring easily when writing.

This unique program was developed by an occupational therapist. Each week focuses on a different skill that precedes the development of handwriting. It utilizes a multi-sensory approach to hand writing that includes general body coordination, tactile and kinesthetic awareness, visual spatial perception, hand manipulation, strength, and motor planning. The program is offered in a group format in the summer and can be incorporated into your child's individual treatment sessions as well.

Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding (SOS)

The SOS approach to feeding is a unique pediatric feeding program based on the work of psychologist Dr. Kay Toomey, PhD. It is designed to assist children and their caregivers who are experiencing difficulties with feeding. The SOS approach can improve or increase the child's:

  • Ability to follow a mealtime routine.
  • Nutrition and ability to gain weight.
  • Oral motor skills.
  • Willingness to interact with and try new foods.

Children of all ages who have difficulty with feeding for any reason are invited to attend. The program is offered in both individual and group formats. Most sessions are 60 minutes in length and involve concurrent caregiver education. Home programming is essential to the success of this approach, and we provide support for caregivers to manage the challneges of their child's specific needs related to feeding.

Newborn and Infant Programs

Our occupational, physical and speech therapists offer their expertise in the prevention, wellness, education and treatment of newborns and infants. We offer a wide range of expertise and experience in the following areas.

Prenatal Education

  • Positioning.
  • Calming strategies.
  • Early communication.

Prevention and Wellness

  • Collaboration with E.C.F.E. educators.
  • Materials and information regarding the use of infant equipment.
  • Materials and information regarding positioning for strength throughout daily routines
  • Information to facilitate infant development.
  • In depth understanding of expected motor development.

Clinical Intervention Services

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
  • Torticollis-plagiocephaly.
  • Failure to thrive/failure to gain weight.
  • Brachial Plexus/Erb's Palsy.
  • Sensory strategies for calming and scheduling.
  • Early communication assessment.
  • Assessment of motor development.
  • Birth trauma/birth injuries.

Therapeutic ListeningTherapeutic Listening

Therapeutic listening is an intervention used with sensory integration principles to enable occupational therapists to more directly address the auditory and vestibular systems. It assists children with listening, motor planning, sensory, auditory and processing difficulties.

Through the use of electronically altered or enhanced music and specialized equipment, the therapist and family design a program to help children in the areas of: Focus/attention, sensory processing/self-regulation, motor planning, auditory processing/filtering, body awareness, balance, coordination, and quality of movement, sequencing and communication, problem solving, visual motor integration and handwriting.

At Capable Kids we can provide access to equipment trials, CD library and ongoing assistance with programming even after your child has completed their therapy sessions with us.

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