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Cancer Center

A collaboration of St. Francis Regional Medical Center and Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, PA, the St. Francis Cancer Center offers sophisticated equipment, cutting-edge treatments and research, and specially trained staff. The American College of Surgeons ranks our accredited program in the top 25 percent of hospitals in the United States.

St. Francis’ cancer team is equipped to treat many forms of cancer, including complex and advanced cases. By working together with our partners, we are able to offer expert services and treatments across multiple disciplines.

The St. Francis Cancer Center offers extensive experience in diagnosing and treating most cancers, including:

  • Breast cancer.
  • Colorectal cancer.
  • Esophageal and gastric.
  • Head and neck cancer.
  • Hematoma and lymphoma.
  • Liver cancer.
  • Lung cancer.
  • Pancreatic and bile duct cancer.
  • Prostate cancer.

Our diagnosis and treatment options are at the forefront technologically. So our patients can receive all of their therapies close to home.

Pain Management

St. Francis partners with the physicians and health care specialists of Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS) to offer comprehensive pain relief and rehabilitation therapies coordinated to manage acute, chronic, cancer-related and spinal pain.

Additional Services

Contact the St. Francis Cancer Center

For appointments and general information call 952.428.2031.

Call the St. Francis Cancer Registry at 952.428.2712.

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