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The St. Francis Cancer Center provides many special procedures, enabling cancer patients to have all their treatments at St. Francis. Your physician and health care team will work with you to determine the most effective treatment for you.

We offer the latest in cancer treatment, including:

Radiation Oncology

A majority of cancer patients are treated with radiation therapy at some point during their disease. Sophisticated equipment and techniques treat even the rarest types of cancer, relieve adverse symptoms and improve quality of life. In addition, highly accurate, state-of-the-art equipment lets providers tailor treatment to patients' specific needs. This technology gives our treatment team the accuracy to deliver a higher radiation dose to the tumor while avoiding or giving a lower dose to the normal tissues.

Chemotherapy, Transfusion and IV Support

Chemotherapy is medication used to treat many types of cancer. There are many forms of therapy; most are given intravenously, while a few can be taken by mouth or by other methods.


Immunotherapy strengthens the body’s immune system. A strong, healthy immune system defends the body against infection, helps it recognize and kill cells that have become cancerous, and generally keeps the body in good condition. Most of the time, immunotherapy will be used with other cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The type and stage of cancer will determine whether the physician will recommend immunotherapy as part of a cancer treatment plan.

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